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Pioneered by Salesforce, the system is Cloud based with multi-tenant SaaS architecture and combined with enterprise security. The system makes sure that our client’s data is secure.


Once data is validated and entered into the system it forms part of the comparison group. Data is always anonymised and averaged, so a client's actual data is only visible to the client themselves.


Defined data criteria, validation and auditing protocols ensure that the data is trustworthy and offers reliable market insight. It gives external due-diligence to support management and procurement decisions.


We believe in the value that Talent Acquisition functions add to a business.  

We feel that this specialist part of HR is often unrecognised for its contribution to the profitability and success of a business.  Often this is because of the lack of insightful data to influence the business.

We want to help Talent Acquisition teams demonstrate the impact they have within their organisations; enabling them to prove the value of their decisions and expertise.

For those that recruit through an RPO we aim to provide a new way to partner.  As independent data experts we believe that introducing a new degree of measurement and transparency for both parties will improve performance.

By delivering accurate data and an independent external lens to compare performance against; we can, with our clients, change the perception of Talent Acquisition and increase its reputation and influence.

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  • Referrals

  • Linkedin

  • Agency

  • Careers Site

  • Adverts

  • Job Boards

12 months Attrition by Source

Our approach is divided into three key areas:

Firstly, we provide our clients with data specifics.  This allows them to identify the useful data hidden within Big Data. This can be particularly helpful if a client’s data is undefined or is provided by an RPO.

Then, we help our clients collate, validate and understand the value of this useful data.

Lastly, using this useful data, we develop performance Dashboards that allows them to compare their data against others. Our approach allows our clients to focus on the useful, gain an understanding of where they are and an insight into how they compare externally.  External comparisons are split between internal and RPO functions.

The visual representation of the two data sets (internal and external data), using dashboards, provides our clients with the opportunity to change the conversations they have with their business and make more evidence based informed decisions.


Our Dashboard Suite allows leaders to scrutinise the function’s structure, resource levels, attrition, route to market, supplier base and overall key performance indicators against other organisations.  

They also allows our clients to compare their own data against other companies internal and RPO functions.  This gives enhanced internal and external insight.

In addition we provide commentary and guidance on each of our Dashboards.  This gives direction on how to alter strategies and behaviours in order to make a Talent Acquisition function more impactful. Clients receive quarterly performance reports based around our Seven Success Criteria. This also includes market and trend commentary.

From organisations making 100 to over 100,000 hires annually the system adds enhanced clarity and a new lens for senior leaders.


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Clear reporting

acc-img-ipadEnhanced reporting, without the reliance on ATS data

External Insight

acc-img-suitcaseAccurate, validated comparison data to understand what other organisations are achieving.

Help set your resourcing strategy

acc-img-lightbulbFactual internal and external data to inform your decisions and define your strategy.

Change the Conversation

acc-img-speech-bubblesMove away from one dimensional cost conversations  Evidence the team’s multifaceted impact.


Remove the smoke and mirrors

acc-img-piechartKnow what really is ‘average’, ‘upper quartile’ and a ‘best in class’ performance across the market.

Purchasing Decisions

acc-img-bullseyeFrom an RPO agreement to LinkedIn licenses.  Scrutinise suppliers and sourcing channels. A totally independant view showing you how good they really are.

Diversity, Disability and Gender Hiring

acc-img-handshakeShows you what percentage of hires companies are achieving.  Removes the guesswork from setting the businesses expectations.





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