Help HR leaders define, measure and manage strategic, tactical, commercial and compliance objectives. Project Manage the implementation of system configuration and integrations to a Reporting Dashboard Suites.


Partner with our customer's incumbent technology vendors to align and optimise their individual systems with the needs of the organisation to deliver mutual value and success.


Advice customers on navigating the HR technology landscape during the procurement and implementation of systems and processes to mitigate risk whilst managing costs and desired outcomes.




Why?    We believe that in today’s Information Age, Access to and quality of data will determine an organisations future competitiveness.

Futureproofing your businesses data strategy today ensures you have the data to be competitive tomorrow.

Accurate data analysis informs strategic insight, rigorous execution and leads to identifying areas to automate processes to further improve business performance.

What?   Reporting Insight advises clients on how to use data to inform decision making, identify strategic direction and set about planning, executing and reporting on that vision across the function or organisation.

How?   We deliver advisory workshops utilising ideation to identify strategic objectives.

We align data to outcomes and centralise all strategic and operational reporting and dashboards.

We provide a central platform to focus all effort and coordination around driving the specific targeted business performance.

We utilise data analytics, intelligence and a proprietary SaaS platform to inform and deliver business improvement initiatives and benchmark performance.

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"Our relationship continues to develop as they take the stress of reporting away from myself and my team." NTT Data




Our Services Range:

Strategy Insight Data Advisory Workshops to identify what the present situation is, the art of the possible and a data strategy that will deliver against your vision for the future

Custom Reporting and Dashboards (independent of current IT Landscape) aligned to your Data Strategy

360 real time view of all critical project and BAU performance metrics

Identify manageable initiatives that drive improvements where it matters most

Project Design, Implementation and Change Adoption.

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Future proofing your functions data and reporting strategy


Designing your data and reporting strategy model to improves business effectiveness and evidence success.

Cost reduction


Identifying and execute business process improvement initiatives underpinned by robotic automation, machine learning and AI. 

Optimising current systems


Working across your current IT landscape to ensure the correct data is captured, reported and analysed in line with the identification of your initiatives.

Gender, diversity and compliance


Visibility of gender, diversity and compliance across the organisation and employee lifecycle in order to achieve equality initiatives.

Strategic execution and collaboration platform


A dedicated platform that engages all of the team on the new journey by maximising transparency and collaboration by bottom-up and top-down goal alignment in a genuine and meaningful way.

Dynamic Reporting and Dashboards


Accurate and clear visibility of key measures and milestones aligned to your business and data strategy.


Do you just do Talent reporting?

This is the sector that we started in, however, now we cover all areas of HR reporting. From Leadership reporting to HR Business Partner monthly reporting. If you can visualise it, we can deliver it. 

Do you replace the need for a HRS/ATS?

No, our service complements our customers’ HR technology stack. For some at the beginning of the journey, we supply templates to easily collect data. We often find that customers struggle to retrieve meaningful data from their systems in a professional format; this is the common problem we resolve. 

What happens if we have issues with data quality and integrity?

You’re in a similar situation to 90% of our customers, so don’t worry. When our clients send data to Reporting Insight, it is reviewed prior to creating the dashboards. Data anomalies are highlighted within the reporting, so data integrity improves with each reporting period. This approach is particularly useful when clients are implementing and embedding a data strategy for the first time.

How much of my time will this take?

To take a customer from no meaningful reporting to a reliable baseline reporting, which outlines their current people landscape, only takes a couple of hours of consultation.  Our record of implementation and delivering an initial round of reports is 72 hours enabling the customer to meet an internal programme deadline.

We are implementing a new ATS/HRS that will provide all our reporting so what do you add differently?

If you just want operational reports then an ATS should suffice, if you need strategic reports that evidence your value​,​ that’s where we ​can help. Unfortunately, we see a lot of customer implements their new ATS/HRS platforms using implementation partners who do not have the required deep sector knowledge to properly align people behaviours and technology.

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Ensures your data strategy today is aligned to the future automation of your business processes.


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