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Our cloud-based services can offer our customers single tenant dedicated environments ensuring we align to the strictest data security protocols. The system makes sure our clients' data is secure.


Working with customers making from 100 to over 40,000 hires per annum, our cloud-based technology offers scalable global reporting. Customers have accurate data and reporting automated and on-demand.


All of our customers' data is validated. We build accurate data banks for reporting, trending and predictive analytics. Enabling customers to evolve from reactive, to actively engaging their business by identifying future demand.


We believe in the value that Talent Acquisition functions add to a business

We feel that this specialist part of HR is often unrecognised for its contribution to the profitability and success of a business. This is because of the lack of insightful data to evidence its success and influence the business.

We want to help Talent Acquisition teams demonstrate the impact they have within their organizations; enabling them to prove the value of their decisions and expertise.

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  • Referrals

  • Linkedin

  • Agency

  • Careers Site

  • Adverts

  • Job Boards

12 months Attrition by Source

Our approach is divided into four key areas:

Work with our customers’ Talent Acquisition teams, stakeholders and wider business to develop their Reporting Data Strategy.  Identify key audiences and the reporting they need to evidence Talent Acquisitions success and influence the business.

Internal Dashboards and Reporting:
Deliver accurate internal performance dashboards using defined data delivered through existing ATS systems or our agile cloud based service.

External Benchmarking:
Provide a subscription service to our external analytics platform delivering performance benchmarking using validated data.

System Specifications:
Support Talent Acquisition and Procurement in the selection, purchasing and implementation of Talent Acquisition technology.


We culturally change the way Resourcing use data.  How?  We start with the end measures in mind.

We work with our customers to understand what data, reporting and analytics they need to evidence success and influence their business. The right data, to the right audiences, at the right time.

Using cultural realignment, we ensure Talent Acquisition know how to use and present data to the business. This step change evolves Resourcing from an opinion-led function to a data led function, achieving our goal of raising its reputation across the business.

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Define your Resourcing Reporting Strategy


Know the key measures to evidence your success and how to increase efficiency at your fingertips.

Credible reporting


Automated dashboards and reporting, saving you time and raising your credibility.  Remove the headache of traditional ATS data and reporting.

Gender and Diversity


Clarity of hiring across the business, enabling you to measure and improve the candidates’ experience, whilst meeting the business’s expectations.

Advanced reporting and analytics


Accurate, validated databanks built enabling external benchmarking, trending data and analytics so you can predict and prepare for future demand and optimise your resources.

Change the Conversation


Evolve Talent Acquisition from an opinion-led culture to a data-led culture raising your influence and credibility. 

Remove suppliers' smoke and mirrors


Know the value your attraction channels and suppliers deliver, allowing you to focus resource and optimise ROI.

Bottom Line Impact


Evidence Resourcing’s impact on the business’s bottom line, changing your function’s perception from a cost to a profit centre.




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