Coffee with… Claire Gray, European Talent Manager @ Canon Europe ☕

Coffee with… Claire Gray, European Talent Manager @ Canon Europe ☕

Coffee with Claire Gray @ Canon EuropeWorking for an organisation with a true sense of ‘purpose’ can be incredibly empowering; particularly when working in an HR role. For European Talent Manager, Claire Gray, buying into Canon’s philosophy of ‘Kyosei’ is so important because it helps unite the business with a shared common ground.

Ahead of the Resourcing Think Tank that Claire’s running with us on 24th October on On-boarding, we were keen to learn a little more about her and life at Canon Europe.


1. What does it feel like to work at Canon Europe?

Canon’s a highly collaborative business and working here feels more like being part of an extended family, as opposed to working for an overly corporate organisation. I also really buy into the Canon philosophy of Kyosei which means ‘working together for the common good’. It’s an incredibly empowering concept and great to share a common purpose with the wider business, and local community.

2. What do you do to enjoy a positive work/life balance?

I am fortunate that my role at Canon offers me a blend of home and office based work so I am able to juggle my personal commitments around my work (which allows me the freedom to ride my horse most days!).

3. What’s your greatest HR or ‘Talent’ related success to date in your role at Canon Europe?

I am really proud to have completely changed our Performance Management process across the EMEA region. It’s still going four years later and means that we have a far more consistent approach, with better conversations, and a model that invites employees to rate themselves before their manager does.

4. What’s the first thing you do in the morning to set your day up for success?

Definitely a hazelnut latte and a dog walk! I enjoy having a routine that gets me into the right working ‘headspace’.

5. What books or articles have you read recently that have inspired you?

How to be a complete and utter failure in life, work & everything” by Steve McDermott. It’s a really good read.

6. Favourite technology hack you’d recommend to your peers?

I absolutely love Doodle! It’s such a great tool for arranging events (inside and outside of work).


If you want to hear more from Claire Gray and find out what Canon Europe are doing to enhance their EMEA onboarding process across multiple geographies then make sure you attend their Resourcing Think Tank on 24th October. Find out more information and book your place here

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