Employer Branding: Taking Recruitment to a Marketing Level

Employer Branding: Taking Recruitment to a Marketing Level

These are the thoughts and takeaways from the latest Resourcing Think Tank held on Tuesday 15th September and hosted by Diageo’s Andrew Porter. This Think Tank sought to discuss approaches to Employer Branding: Taking Recruitment to a Marketing Level.

The following summary has been prepared to reflect a segment of the discussion held amongst senior Talent Acquisition professionals from leading national and international businesses. Specific company details, experiences and examples have been omitted from this summary as all discussions are held under ‘Chatham House Rules’.

One thing is clear: employer branding has changed, dramatically. Our Resourcing Think Tank @Diageo on the subject confirmed it. It was half a day of rigorous discussion with seasoned professionals that are leading the way in employer branding innovation for their organisations.

So, you may ask what were the key findings for the day and how you can apply them to your own Employer Branding?

5 key aspects to consider:

  1. Does everyone remember the term ‘HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY’? This couldn’t be a more appropriate starting point. The biggest issues that were raised were around, handling the expectations of a candidate. As most of you know, in this day and age a candidate will not only know everything about the company, they will know everything about you. So, how are you matching the candidate’s expectations to the actual business? Start by focusing on what candidates need and want from you— it’s not just about giving them a job. Look at how you are being perceived in there eyes. Are you displaying the company honestly? Does it match your company values? If the answer is NO, you are doing something wrong! If you have a great company, with great values, then show them that, and they will flock in.
  2. Brand Champions! For me this shouldn’t be a signalised job. Yes, there may be people who are better at promoting your company than others; However the concept of a ‘Brand Champion’ should change from, the single to the plural. No one knows your organisation better than those who work there. So, what are you doing to utilise this? Encouraging your staff to promote your business has become less of a risk than it once was. There is nothing wrong with your employees bragging about how good it is to work at your company. You will be surprised at the results!
  3. The social media fire! – The boom of social media has now changed the ways in which we pursue, connect and function, not only in our work life but our personal life too. So, naturally this means that we need to evolve our Employer Brand in the same way. Finding new tools, strategies and ways to connect are now crucial to success. This is now an essential part of the candidate attraction process, ensuring a positive brand experience when potential new employees visit you online or interact with you on any social media sites.
  4. Perception is reality! – This is definitely the case in terms of your company’s EVP! Perception is 100% reality and this will not only affect how new employees perceive the company it will also affect how long they stay in your company! If you have a clear and concise Employer Brand this should filter down to your EVP! However, saying one thing and delivering another are two separate issues. Ensuring that the communication and branding generated by a company is consistent, unique, true and relevant to important target groups. Employers that develop their EVP successfully benefit from an increase in their talent pool and employee engagement.
  5. HR and marketing must align! – There has always been a disconnect as to whose responsibility the Employer Branding falls under, HR or Marketing? As discussed in the think tank this should not be a singular job for either department! This should be a joint effort by both marketing and the HR department! Developing strong links between HR and Marketing so that the organisation speaks with one voice, and as one, is the aim. This will not only attract new employees to your brand but retain them over time.

Evolution is the only successful strategy when it comes to Employer Branding! Employer Branding should not be seen as a 5 year strategy or a 10 year strategy. That’s not how it works! It should be seen as an ever evolving company promotion, that ensures clear and concise values are displayed and embedded into your current employees, your brand and your company. Yes it’s always important to strategise, but just don’t strategise to much as you may get left behind. So, make sure you are always considering how you are being seen through outside eyes and evolve accordingly.

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